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Works by Alejandra Chillari

Untitled #2


30 x 30cm

Untitled #1


30 x 30cm

"I was born in Buenos Aires, since I was a girl I drew and painted. At age 14, I received a mention in a painting contest sponsored by the Gallery Today in Art in Pinamar by Teresa Nachman. That mention opened a space for me in the workshop of Basia Kuperman. Thus began my learning in artist workshops, contact with technique, with tools, with knowing how to look, with criticism and growing.

I studied Architecture at the UBA, live model with Master Ernesto Pesce, Abstract Expressionism with Master Marco Otero and I continue exploring and learning with the artist Paula Rivero.

Art goes through my life since I was little. Today it circulates all the time, all my spaces, all my days, my dreams and my sleeplessness."