The power of Beauty – Mosse’s “The Enclave”

Lucia Lamberti - 13 Apr 2015

Art magazine - art news - The power of Beauty – Mosse’s “The Enclave”

Beauty is one of the main lines to make people feel something. Often, if we make something that derives from human suffering, or from war, and we represent that with Beauty, an ethical problem is created in the viewer’s mind. He suddenly becomes confused, angry and disoriented – and this is great because he has to think about how the image he is looking at has been produced and consumed.”

Richard Mosse, in the video “The impossible image” presented at the 55th Venice Biennale to introduce his installation “The Enclave”, used these words to state how he managed to create a new perspective on conflicts through his infrared photography, making the observer become sensitive to what he calls “unseen ongoing humanitarian disasters”.

The Irish photographer represented, with unique images he captured between 2010 and 2013 that are currently part of an exhibition at Louisiana Museum, the civil war and internal conflicts that took place in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Come Out (1966), 2011-2014


He took advantage of an old type of Kodak film called Aerochrome. This film, originally employed in the Second World War to better identify camouflaged soldiers, is sensitive to infrared. In this way suggestive shades of green and brown, which become respectively nuances of intense pink and light blue, are created, giving birth to surreal landscapes.


Enclave Face by Richard Mosse


Mosse combines Art and documentary by performing photography in a new, effective way.

His main goal is to capture Beauty in the middle of devastation, making the Invisible - an unseen problem, an unseen conflict - Visible.

“My work is Art. Pink color is effective, and helped me to use the potential of contemporary Art in order to make visible what is beyond the limit of language.”


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark 

6 February 2015 – 25 May 2015

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