The Goodfather of Street Art - Ron English

Paola Migliorini - 19 Feb 2015

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Ron English is known as "The Godfather of Street Art". He is one of the most prolific and recognizable artists living, he is credited with graffiti's transition from a sub-cultural form of popular expression to the decorative, narrative murals seen today.

English is an American contemporary artist who explores popular brand imagery and advertising. He is as well known for his photorealist technique and inventive use of color and comic book collage as he is for his unique cast of characters, including sexualized animals, skeletal figures, Marilyn Monroe with Mickey Mouse breasts, the corpulent fast food spokesman MC Supersized, and one of his most significant creations, Abraham Obama, a fusion of America’s 16th and 44th Presidents. Ron coined the term POPaganda to describe this signature mash-up.


Ron English


English takes inspiration from Andy Warhol and references him in his work. He also references the band KISS, and various cartoons and from the posters he sees outside his Jersey City apartment, usually fast food companies. He also references Picasso's Guernica. He has created dozens of versions, transforming the original Spanish civilian characters into Disney characters, Peanuts characters, soccer players, schoolchildren, and many others. 

This artist possesses the unique ability to create art that can be debated and researched all around the world. There is a real political and ethical message behind the majority of his works.


 Ron English painting


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