Studi Festival in Milan – Feb 10-15, 2015

Elena Carini - 03 Feb 2015

Art magazine - art news - Studi Festival in Milan – Feb 10-15, 2015

From Tuesday 10th to Sunday 15th for the first time will take place in Milan the artist studios festival! Studi Festival is an initiative conceived and organized by artists that have involved other artists in a horizontal and democratic way.  It is a project of Anna Stuart Tovini, Vincenzo Chiarandà, Rebecca Moccia and Claudio Corfone in collaboration with the Association freeUnDo. 

Many events will be held in the artist's studios, already in this first edition of the festival it will offer an overview of studies, stimulating collaboration between the artists and the dialogue between them and the city. 

During five intense days of exhibitions and events, the festival will create a circuit that will offer people the opportunity to get directly in contact with the artistic production closer to the authors themselves. "Studios" are in fact the places where artists begin to develop ideas. 

The studios will be opened every day from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. during the festival, these workspaces will become exhibition spaces open to all. 

What distinguishes Studi Festival from similar experiences is that it is based on some sort of device: the artists do not only show their work, but invite other artists to exhibit in their own atelier and are in turn invited. In each study the artists have created a real exhibition project.

Although this is the first edition, the subscription was very high. There are many exhibitions and events in about 50 studios across Milan. 

Artists know that the ubiquity of Studi festival is its strength and often create cross-references between different areas of the city. To facilitate access and to give an "order" to the many events, we decided to divide the city into five zones focusing on related days: Tuesday 10th focus on the spaces of Milan North East, Wednesday 11th focus on spaces of East Milan, Thursday 12th focus on spaces of South Milan, Friday 13th focus on the spaces of Milan West, Saturday 14th  focus on the spaces of Milan North West Sunday and February 15th  all free ... participation is free so join us!


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