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Kooness - 02 Aug 2018

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A new generation of art collectors has become entranced by the possibilities of finding up-and-coming and potentially high-value artists. Here are some advices for young collectors: exactly who to collect, what to collect, and how to collect it, both online and off, at every price point. Remember that the Kooness team is ready to give you all the advice for starting your own collection, just write us and discover more about the contemporary art world from our website.


1. Do your own research...

Learn about art and artists online so the choices become your own. You should take time to develop your eye. If you are buying something simply because someone told you it will go up in value, be very cautious.


2. Quality, not quantity...

Invest in fewer pieces that are higher quality. Art is a purchase for life, so it’s better to collect slowly with focus than try to rush and take a more decorative approach.


Lorenzo Taini, Waiting for Bu_blue, 2017. Courtesy by Morotti Arte Contemporanea


3. Join young patron groups...

There are plenty of organizations around various cities that you can join to support the arts, and most of the memberships are tax deductible. They serve to bring young collectors together and introduce them to curators, museum shows, talks, and even studio visits with local artists. Choose an institution that suits your interests.


4. Consider video art...

The video medium as it now exists online can be transformative. It’s satisfying to a buyer because they can fully preview the works they are purchasing in the native state and pieces tend to be very affordable. Have a lot of screens in your house? Why not activate them with video art? Nothing starts a dinner party conversation like video works playing.


Azadeh Safdari, Dancer, still from the video installation, 2014. Courtesy by AMY-D Arte Spazio MI 


5. On a tight budget? Stick to editions...

Edition pieces are multiples produced by an artist to enable collectors to purchase at a lower price point.


6. Attend major art events (or at least see them online)...

Happenings are where curators select from the new generation of artists and highlight their work, often acting as great determinants of taste and leading indicators for the rest of the field. Don't miss also the various contemporary art fair all over the world and remember: on Kooness you can find more information about the latest fair. 


7. Follow Kooness and its talented artists...

Kooness is the best tool for collectors-to-be. Thanks to it's collection of contemporary artworks and artists selected from fine art galleries all over the world gives you guarantee of a good art investment. Discover more inside the area dedicated to our artists


Stay Tuned on Kooness magazine for more exciting news from the artworld.


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