Spot the Dot: Yayoi Kusama

Loris Bocci - 09 Mar 2015

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Yayoi Kusama, 82, is best known for her polka dot obsession; she started painting at age 10 — applying polka dots to canvases, trees, entire rooms, and even people.  She has described herself as an "obsessive artist", having a fascination with repetition, pattern, and accumulation.


Yayoi Kusama

With a practice encompassing performance, film-making, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, fashion, poetry, fiction and public spectacles (or 'happenings') over some 60 years, this leading Japanese practitioner has been widely acknowledged as a major influence on several generations of contemporary artists.

Her work is based in conceptual art; it’s precursory of pop art, minimalism and feminist art movements and shares some characteristics of surrealism, Art Brut and abstract expressionism; infused with autobiographical, psychological, and sexual content. Kusama’s art shows her long-term fascination with organic repetitive patterns, vigorous and psychedelic colours, reflection, electric lights, and infinite space. Her vibrant, fascinating, magical work has an almost hallucinatory intensity.

Artistic director for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs has decided to collaborate with Kusama on a wide range of products including leather goods, ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes, watches, and jewelry.

 Yayoi Kusama installation


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