Paola Pivi Unleashes Horses at the Eiffel Tower

Francesca Mazzanti - 29 Jun 2015

Art magazine - art news - Paola Pivi Unleashes Horses at the Eiffel Tower

Paola Pivi's art is broad and diverse, spanning performances, conceptual works, and large installations. Some of her most iconic works, however, stem from her ongoing photographic series which casts animals in everyday situations, teasing out the relationship between mythology, surrealism, and the absurd.

These include 84 goldfish flying on a passenger airplane in individual bowls, alligators frolicking in whipped cream in Florida, and (stuffed) polar bears covered in multicolored feathers popping up in commercial galleries and museums all over the world.


Yee-haw, 2015


Continuing her work with animals, specifically their juxtaposition against strange and surreal surrounding landscapes, Pivi brings four horses to the Eiffel Tower. Their instinctive actions within the urban context present a sharp contrast to the real world, despite the actuality of the situation.


Yee-haw (Paris), 2015


Paola Pivi introduces a new series of photographs for the exhibition ‘yee-haw’ at Paris’ Galerie Perrotin.  She puts familiar and archetypal elements in opposition, creating a fantastic iconography. Working on the Eiffel Tower is also very meaningful for the artist, and can be seen as a way for her to play with the entire city and its history.

As the horses discover their new playground — galloping, prancing and frolicking around the architectural landmark — the viewer is brought into dream within reality.  The images reveal a dimension that is a part of everyday life, but has never before occurred in front of someone’s eyes. 


View of the exhibition ‘yee-haw’ by Paola Pivi at Galerie Perrotin, Paris (june 4 – august 1, 2015)


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