The exhibition "Frolic Entities in Personal Universe" represents a selection of works from the current paintings by Lucia Horvátová, who is a fresh graduate of the 4th atelier of paintings led by prof. Ivan Csudai at VŠVU in Bratislava. In the painting program, the author examines the formal possibilities of abstract painting, as well as her interpretative levels. It focuses predominantly on a classical hanging picture, combining lightly expressive fragments and surfaces with geometric precision strokes, surfaces and patterns. In creation, the formal and ideological principles of geometrical abstraction, overlaying, combination of abstraction with realistic cuts, surface-to-volume folding, pronounced color, playfulness, and personal symbolism vary. The resulting effect is accomplished by contemporary techniques - author sketches on a computer, uses the principle of collapsing, fragmentation and deconstruction, typical of the state of the art called postinternet, which is creating artificially created environments, simulacras, and instability. In her paintings we can find links to the principles of software for editing photos and their tools. The painting creates tension between digital, machine and analog, hand and paint. Although the images are created in cycles, however, each of them is a distinctly colorful solitaire.


Lucia Horvátová's paintings can also be understood as some abstract mental maps that personify her current private survival and personal mythology. These environments visualize her feelings and experiences in relation to the outside world and its realms. They are parallel dimensions that serve as a leak from reality. Horvátová, on the next level of her work, examines the principles of organic and inorganic world that have a similar pattern and structure. These "worlds" are constantly pulsing, vibrating, circling, swirling, creating and extincting, or changing their nature and structure to other states and forms. They are liquid ... Author’s attribute that appears on most paintings is the inorganic crystal motif. It identifies the personification of personal growth. Crystal mass fragments are liquefied in its paintings and regrouped into various forms in which they crystallize and solidify again. They symbolize the tension, dynamism, strength and instability of our world. 








Lucia Horvátová (*1991, Zlaté Moravce) is a graduate of a master's degree program in the 4th atelier of painting led by prof. Ivan Csudai, akad. mal. at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. From 2010 to 2014, she studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts, AU in Banská Bystrica, in the Atelier of Drawings (under the direction of Prof. Štefan Balázs, ArtD). During her studies, she attended Escola Superior de Disseny de Les Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and later a residency of GLO-Art in Lanaken, Belgium. The author has several group and individual exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad. In 2015 and 2018 she became the finalist of the Painting competition - the prize of the VUB Foundation. She lives and creates in Bratislava.


Čin Čin Gallery

Podjavorinskej 4, Bratislava


Opening of the exhibition: 2. 10. 2018 at 18.00.

Duration of exhibition: 2. 10. - 30. 10. 2018

Curator of the exhibition: Marianna Brinzová