Montblanc is helping make wishes come true with its new #whatsonyourlist holiday campaign, which inspires others to dare to dream and to share the journey to that dream's fruition.

As an example, artist David Paul Kay, known for his black and white contemporary art, wished to one day create using a paint color produced just for him. Enter Montblanc, which helped him realize that ambition. Kay traveled to Montblanc Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, where Creative Director Zaim Kamal helped him actualize a unique shade of vivid red paint, which was packaged in a limited edition spray can for his use. Of course Kay then used the paint to create, over a three-day period, a triptych titled “R3solutions.” Inspired by the theme of holiday resolutions, the artwork is ever-evolving and those who encounter it are invited to share their wishes by writing them on the vibrantly colored canvas.

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