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7 DEADLY SINS BY Laurina Paperina




Laurina Paperina describes herself as a duck with a human head that doesn't want to make serious art. Most of Laurina's production is about the representation of a caricatured imaginary of contemporary heroes, icons of the 80s and 90s. Through his cartoon-style characters and the use of irony, the artist analyzes worlds such as art, politics, religion and pop culture, making reflections on the demands of today's world.


All of Laurina's distinctive elements can be found in a single large work, its largest project: The 7 deadly Sins (Envy, Sloth, Lust, Gluttony, Avarice, Wrath and Pride). The artist worked on the sequence for 8 months.  Each canvas - measuring 145x125cm – represents one of the sin and each one of them is a proof of a precise and refined study.


Within the seven canvases  we find references inspired by every aspect of our time.  Contemporary art - Love, by Maurizio Cattelan - modern art - Le déjeuner sur l'herbedi Manet - politics - Donald Trump -  cinema - Pulp Fiction - television - Game of Thrones - and 11religion - Pope Francis – can all be considered sources of inspiration for the artist. Laurina Paperina, the artist, tries to express her own point of view on the world, gathering together  different figures.


After its presentation at the Art Week in Miami - Art Basel 2018 -, the pictorial cycle will be exhibited for the first time in Italy at Martinasgallery, where you will be able to get lost in the world of Laurina. In addition to the 7 Deadly Sins, there will be a display of papers, canvases and a video time lapse of the entire production.



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