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Check out Landscapes of Nature and Places of the Soul, the latest solo exhibition by Theano Skarlatou.

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When asked about the inspiration and the idea behind the works, Skarlatou explains in vivid detail of how life is the greatest muse of all.

I painted my last landscapes and figures with greater peace of mind and stability than in the past. I am now in the phase of my life where every savagery has calmed down inside me and I am looking for the expression of the mildest emotions that give value to human life. Symbolism is an element that is strongly present in every art form. In my personal work, I choose to give the symbolism to a second level and not in an obvious way. The meanings of each painting work subconsciously in me and many times I discover things about myself and my works. That is, it is a process that happens on its own, most of the time. I get inspiration from something visible, and concrete and my imagination creates the forms, the color harmonies. I add and subtract according to what I have in my mind to imprint on the canvas, in order to express my thoughts and feelings at any given time. After all, painting takes you where it wants to go. You start with something you have in mind and the result, often different, surprises you.”


Theano Skarlatou, Courtesy Govedarou Art Gallery


As a result of her deep connection to nature and life, the artist mentioned how everything can be a tool for art in order to go as far as one’s horizons. The artist’s beliefs on the incorporation of man and nature can not only be seen through her works but her words too.

“Man is an element of nature and interacts with everything around him. Many times the elements of nature depicted in my paintings, such as the sea or a tree, have for me energy and soulful properties. I want my paintings to be an imaginary occasion that either depicts a landscape or an emotion, in which the viewer can stay or feel it for a moment, or have it in his soul and body forever. I want time to be lost through my paintings, which is a social construction anyway and the moment to last as long as the viewer wants each time.”


Theano Skarlatou, Courtesy Govedarou Art Gallery


Renowned art critic Pepi Rigopoulou has written inspiring words regarding Skarlatou’s works which is sure to spark the inspiration of nature in every reader.

Nature, sometimes spontaneous and sometimes in dialogue with human intervention, is the constant "model" or motif in the new series of works by Theano Skarlatou: A silent cluster of trees or an enlarged detail of colorful foliage, or even the rough sea with a pier and a boat moored next to it. The meteoric light, a light sometimes soft, without sharp contrasts, and sometimes penetrating, a lightning that penetrates them and gives them something fantastic, is what gives life to the foliage and the branches or the waters that persist even in their splash in their peace. Color-to-color transitions seek harmony more than surprise. Nature, as depicted by the painter, has no elements of savagery. Behind the foliage, the branches and the trunks of its trees do not threaten the eyes of a beast or a human. The image invites we would rather say the viewer's gaze to stand on it with confidence, to enjoy the play of colors, to immerse themselves in the mystery of their reflections to win a break, a breath.”

The exhibition will be open till April 9th, do not miss it! 


Theano Skarlatou, Courtesy Govedarou Art Gallery


Cover image: Theano Skarlatou, Courtesy Govedarou Art Gallery

Written by Sena Kaya

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