Home Magazine The Joy of Marilyn by Sam Shaw

For the first time on Kooness, Sam Shaw's unreapatable photographs will make you rediscover the 1950s Hollywood Icon.

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Born in New York in 1912, Sam Shaw is considered among the most influential professionals for his iconic shots of film sets and movie stars. His artistic view started from his childhood when, without money to buy the right materials, he wandered the streets of New York collecting tar with which to make sculptures. In the early 1950s, he started working at 20th Century Fox.

More than 50 years after Marylin Monroe’s death in 1962, she remains a powerful sex symbol and cultural icon. Her beauty, allure and uniqueness were photgraphed by many significant photographers, including Richard Avedon, Eve Arnold, Milton Greene, Bert Stern and Cecil Beaton. Yet, the most famous shot of Marylin – and the one which set her international fame – was by her close friend, Sam Shaw.