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For the occasion of the 60th International Art Exhibition "La Biennale Arte di Venezia" TAEX presents the interactive exhibition dedicated to digital art: "Scoletta dell'Arte: Digital Reform"

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During the 60ies Biennial 2024, the exhibition Scatoletta dell’Arte: Digital Reform is an interactive exhibition that merges past and present. Curated by Antonio Geusa, and presented by the interdisciplinary platform TAEX. TAEX is a platform dedicated to digital art that is building a new community of collectionists that are shaping the future of the arts. They expose and co- produce works of known artists building critique, the artists being selected from qualified curators.

The exhibition unites traditions and innovations, a journey through the artworks of well known digital artists combined with the works of great classical art masters. “Scatolette dell’Arte: Digital Reform”, highlights the crucial role of the learning process in the creation of digital works, recognising the importance for an artist to continuously explore, experiment and grow. From conception to execution, the realization of digital art requires an in-depth understanding of the technology, history and art theory. Visitors to the exhibition are invited into direct contact with the complexity of this process.

Andrea Meregalli, You are Making Art. AI-generated interactive installation, 2024.

The show represents world-famous artists such as the pioneer of digital art Shu Lea Cheang, who has won the Guggenheim LG prize 2024, MAOTIK, Funa Ye, Andrea Meregalli, the artist Francesco D’Isa and the art collective Accurat. These artists are known for their contributions to the intersection between art and technology. The exhibition is going to take place at the Scatoletta dell'Arte of the Tiraoro e Battiloro, place of the Corporation of the artisans of the XVIII century, that traditionally produced golden leafs and threads in the past. This place highlights the concept of the exhibition, as it proposes a route through the digital building and a connection with the handicrafts of the past.

“Scatoletta dell’Arte: Digital Reform” is an interactive experience: the spectators will be involved through the artistic installations such as “You Are Making Art” by Andrea Mereallu and “Errors” by Francesco D’Isa. These artworks challenge the traditional conceptions on art and artificial intelligence. The show explores the relationship between digital art and art history offering a critical perspective on the esthetical conventions. Works of great masters of the past will be exhibited with contemporary ones, promoting a deep reflection on the evolution of the arts during time. 

Shu Lea Cheang UKI Digital film, 6"18' 2023. Courtesy of the artist.

The exhibition is taking place until the 15th of September 2024. Address: Scoletta dei Tiraoro e Battioro, Campo San Stae, Santa Croce 1980, 30135 Venezia.

Cover image: Funa Ye Neo Mastr Portraits Video. Courtesy of the Artist

Written by Asia Artom