Home Magazine The Collective Memory of Urban Landscapes by David Antonides

David Antonides is a Canadian artist who studied art in Vancouver, New York, and Europe. He portrays cityscapes and images of urban behavior in a way peculiar to himself, and himself only. 

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David Antonides is a highly acclaimed artist who has embodied the role of being the spokesperson of people’s collective unconsciousness. Due to his fascination with urban landscapes, he began painting them, and he believes an urban landscape is where individual memories melt into a collective unity. In doing so, he uses watercolor due to its ability to let uncertainty flow on the canvas and find its own way. 

Antonides was born in Whitehorse, Yukon in 1958, he received formal art training in Vancouver, New York, and Europe, where he discovered his love for printmaking workshops and decided to stay in Berlin permanently.

Antonides draws inspiration from a variety of artistic styles and traditions, including Asian calligraphy and American Abstract Expressionists. His work is moving towards a meeting of Asian-influenced energetic brushwork and low-resolution digitized realism. His use of watercolor as his preferred medium is distinctive as he manages to create weight and drama not typically associated with this medium. Antonides views water as a collaboration between intention and its own laws of nature and serendipity, and he lets it flow on its own accord.