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Nicolò Baraggioli is an Italian emerging artist, born in 1985 who currently lives and works in London.

His works are the representation of his exploration of space and aesthetics’ meaning.

His vision expands from abstract minimalism, into a world of texture, colour, and material. 

He is represented by Morotti Arte Contemporanea, Milan, 57W57Arts, NYC and Galerie Bisenbach, Cologne.



Nicolò Baraggioli, BD3, 2017, 21x15x6cm, Bordeaux plexiglas on wooden panel

1.How old are you and where do you come from? Do your origins influence your artistic vision?

I am 32 years old and I come from Genoa. I believe that my origins, even if unconsciously, can sometimes influence my work. Obviously, it becomes more evident in some works, in others less. 

However, I do think that my studies, as well as the interests I have developed and cultivated over the years, are the elements that have influenced my work most.

2. What does it mean for you to be an artist? 

For me, being an artist is an important and serious profession as a doctor, an engineer or a lawyer. Sometimes I think that being an artist is taken lightly by those who do not know our responsibilities, commitment and dedication; for this reason I would like everyone to stop, at least for a moment, to reflect on how important has been the role of art and artist in our society.

Nicolò Baraggioli, Transmigration, 2018, 25x20x7cm, Plexiglass parallelepiped and ash

3. What are the artistic and cultural references that influence you? 

From a cultural point of view my classical education, especially Greek and Latin philosophy and literature, has been essential in the research and development of my work. As for artistic references, I appreciate minimal art and poor art, although I try not to emulate their characteristics. 


4. What is the inspiration for you? 

Inspiration is a sudden idea. For me, it represents the exact moment in which the image of what will be my completed work appears in my mind. 

After this moment, my research is aimed at completing the initial project with absolute precision and rigour.


5. What do you think of the contemporary art system?

I think it is a wonderful world, stimulating and full of opportunities, but at the same time insidious and uncertain. 


Nicolò Baraggioli, Dyptic, 2018, 21x7.5x6cm, Black plexi box on wooden panelglass

6. Do you think social media and online platforms are a useful way to spread your works?

I think that social media and online platforms are a very useful tool for the divulgation of art and they play a fundamental role in today’s world. 

Personally, I can say that I have used them a lot and they still remain an important aspect to make sure that my work is known, recognized and appreciated. 

Through social media I had the pleasure and the honour to meet wonderful people including artists, art lovers and galleries with whom I probably would never have been able to get in touch differently.


7. Future projects

My works will be shown until mid-February in a collective exhibition in Cologne, after that I will take part in Affordable Art Fair in Milan and Brussels.

I am in touch with several galleries in Europe for future collaborations. 

I’m always looking for new experiences and projects, but I prefer to talk about them once they are confirmed, because of my superstitious nature.


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