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The second phase has now made its way into our lives, of course there are many expectations, as well as the fear that the efforts made so far can quickly be swept away by a new epidemic wave. In short, will we be able to live together with this virus? Each state counts its victims and the level of contagion, this is the only way to be able to understand individually what measures to take for economic recovery.

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Switzerland initiated the lockdown a week later than its neighbour Italy, and, moreover, is preparing to reopen museums, libraries and archives from the next week. It is obvious that this small state has certainly not suffered the trauma of its neighbours: France, Italy, Germany, but in which way they want to reopen? On 11 May in Switzerland bars, restaurants, shops, markets, schools and especially museums will reopen. The decision was made by the Swiss Federal Council in its session of April 29 2020, establishing that in these structures the rules of social distancing and hygiene can be easily implemented and the flow of people can be channelled effectively.


Edward Hopper, Cape Cod Morning, 1950, Oil on canvas, 86.7 x 102.3 cm, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of the Sara Roby Foundation,
© Heirs of Josephine Hopper / 2019, ProLitteris, Zurich, Photo: Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gene Young


Schaulager in Basel


This is demonstrated by the way in how Fondation Beyeler wants to organize itself for the reopening. Indeed, the foundation has elaborated a complete protection plan for visitors and its employees which could be a source of inspiration for other museums in the rest of Europe. The COVID-19 ordinances of the Federal Council have been implemented which introduces additional measures to optimize visitor flows, such as the limitation of the number of visitors through online tickets with fixed time slots, which can be booked on the site (the access regulation applies also to all valid tickets already purchased and to all holders of vouchers and the BaselCard); modification of the circulation flow of visitors in the park and in the museum, with spaced entry and exit points; new visitor reception point and areas dedicated to the cloakroom in the buildings annexed to the museum; hand sanitizers made available in several key spaces of the museum, both for visitors and staff; extraordinary measures of hygiene and sanitation cleaning for all the museum's infrastructures.

When the Foundation Beyeler reopens its doors seven out of seven on May 11, visitors will be able to find the exhibition dedicated to the great American artist Edward Hopper, extended to July 26, 2020. "We are happy to know that on May 11, our museum will come out of the sleep of the 'Sleeping Beauty in the woods' and the exhibited works will be awakened by the 'kiss' of the visitors ”, says Sam Keller, director of the Fondation Beyeler. “We missed them. The 'spell' of the coronavirus is not yet over, but the reopening of museums and parks is good news. Because these experiences, in contact with art and nature, contribute in an essential way to mental, physical and quality of life ".

Cover image: Fondazione Beyeler in Riehen, Basel, 

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