Home Magazine Pietro Spirito is one of the finalists of Premio Cairo 2017

As springboard to young contemporary art talents, Premio Cairo come out with the 18th edition. Special artworks created for this competition will be exposed among the prestigious walls of Palazzo Reale, in the heart of Milan. Pietro Spirito is one of the finalists of this exciting award for the art world.

Pietro Spirito was born in Taranto, Italy, in 1981. After a period in Berlin, where he currently lives and works, he decided to leave figurative painting for abstraction. Ranging from painting to graphic design, Spirito explores the limits of our structures and systems of logic (linguistic, mathematical, spatial) and the points at which they breakdown. Opening onto new visual and poetic possibilities. He uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line. Color is the prevalent feature. Pietro Spirito creates a kaleidoscope of emotion, fantasy and poetry. He has the capacity to overcome the constraints of our cognitive reality with his obsessive and rhythmic brushstroke. An energetic techniques that depend on gestures directed by the artist’s sense of control. Into his artworks, the interaction between the basic grid and the handwriting part of the surfaces is an illusionistic interactions between fulness and voids. 


“In Pietro Spirito’s canvases marks and colors, materials and two-dimensionality intersect to create a carefully calculated composition which is also extremely free. The initial stimulus is the digital world which the artist deconstructs and makes human again. An electronic device serves for the sketch of the work, but the transposition onto canvas is done by hand and is full of real or simulated irregularities.” (Stefano Castelli)


Pietro Spirito, Senza Titolo_VR, 2017



Pietro Spirito, Senza Titolo_RG, 2017