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CAMERINI / CAMBI D’ARTISTA is the title of an extraordinary and unusual exhibition curated by a collective group of artists, artisti§innocenti. From August 10, showcases and shop windows have been inhabited by visual artists and transformed into fitting rooms: intimate places but, meanwhile, open to the audience's gaze. 

The artist arranges an original "apparatus of attention" in front of the glimpse of pedestrians. Therefore, the fitting room-showcase becomes the stage of any art installation as art illustrates, shows and offers itself.

The second part of the exhibition have been inaugurated the 11th of September with the title of NUOVI CAMERINI / cambi di stagione. All the showcases and shop windows have been inhabited by new installations and images renovating the attention of pedestrians toward the entire building of MaS - Magazzini allo Statuto. 



Gianni Asdrubali. Photo Courtesy of Tommaso Carmassi



Marco Primo Bernardi. Photo Courtesy of Tommaso Carmassi



Daniele Spanò. Photo Courtesy of Danila Ipri (Kooness Chief Curator)


In addition to the spaces of the first exposition, there is the glass arch window of the main entrance in Via dello Statuto that has been completely decorated as a "triumph" for the clients of MaS: 'ASCOLTA DIMENTICA E MUORI'. This is a pictorial installation by Laboratorio Saccardi that raised quite noise during last days as it has been removed. The Board of Director of MaS suddently decided to delete the installation without any discussion or appeal, just because considered offensive. 


Laboratorio Saccardi. Photo Courtesy of Tommaso Carmassi


NUOVI CAMERINI / cambi di stagione is thus a homage of art to the temple of the mass apparel, MAS, the favourite destination of many Romans, artists, scenographers and costume designers. A low-cost store, the temple of bricolage and trouvaille, where time seems to keep happening with no end. The use of art realizes a concatenation of spaces creating contiguous unpredictable landscapes of a shared but still intimate world.

Emphasis has to be placed on XXX Art Curators, a very intriguing project by the pop artist Mauro Cuppone, who collected ten art curators in a very unusual way. Curators from the Roman art scene have been positioned inside the showcases and windows of MAS, by exhibiting themselves within a small red light box in a way that art personality becomes a protagonist for one night. Curators' silhouette in primis that are offered in the street to a very curious and confused public to draw attention to the so called prostitution of art curators.



Mauro Cuppone, Photo Courtesy of Tommaso Carmassi



The list of artists is reported as follows: 

Gianni Asdrubali, Elena Bellantoni, Marco Bernardi, Simone Bertugno, Tommaso Binga, Carlo Caloro, Fabrizio Cicero, Mauro Cuppone, Mauro Di Silvestre, Santino Drago, Mauro Folci, Dario Ghibaudo, Andrea Lanini, Myriam Laplante, G&K Lusikova, Marta Mancini, Salvatore Manzi, Veronica Montanino, Chiara Mu, Andrea Nurcis, Alfredo Pirri, Pasquale Polidori, Daniele Spanò, Lamberto Teotino, Franco Troiani, Valentina Vannicola, Sergio Zavattieri.


Photo Credits: Tommaso Carmassi

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