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Contemporary society sees a growing interconnection between people and places resulting from advances in information and communication technologies, and ever lessing barriers in the international economic relations.

The globalization of style, and economic models that converge politics, culture, and economy between countries has contributed to offering a strong level of destabilization of the individual, given in part, to growing insecurity.

Sociologists confirm that in contemporary society, the creation of wealth goes hand in hand with the creation of risk.



In other words, the idea of “danger originating from the exterior”, from which one must defend themselves, is replaced with the risk and threat resulting from the manifestation of modernity, liberty and wealth.

With the solo show BEWARE (Area 35 Gallery, Milan) Nicola Evangelista, as a great observer of reality, would like to begin a reflection upon the rapport between the sense of insecurity, threat, and instability where his unique form of creating art, which retains the principles of physics and math, with his perspective expressed in light sculptures, installations, and holograms, causes the viewer to reflect upon one of the arguments most relevant in today’s world and to absorb greater knowledge about social destabilization.

View Nicola Evangelisti artworks available for sale on Kooness here

BEWARE - Nicola Evangelisti 

Area35 Gallery

Via Vigevano 35, Milan

Until January 28th


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