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What's happening in the art world? Every month we will try to show you some of the best events from all over the word. This time our focus is far away from the western eye, in Calcutta where on 21st November the Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) will open, the first Indian multi-dimensional interactive art space.


This is one of numerous cultural initiatives from across India, aimed at involving the young generation of the country. Also, if you are curious to know about other national museums that have opened in the last months don't miss our article about The new Scottish Victoria & Albert Museum.



Open six days a week, the center will be approx 70,000 sq. ft. of space, housing eight dedicated spaces — an interactive space showcasing art, craft, antiquity and product design to reflect on the way creative ideas can lead to articulate culture; Emami Art — a gallery space with a regular programme of exhibitions by national and international artists; and a Children’s Corner where stories connected to mythology and nature will be narrated using state-of-the-art technology. The Center will also house a Conservation Studio and a Skill Development Maker Section with libraries, along with multiple event rooms and a refreshment corner ‘Cafe Sattva’ complementing the theme of the building. The architect and interior designer Pinakin Patel, who was also appointed creative director of the center, designed the entire building. Richa Agarwal, executive director of KCC and CEO of Emami Art, commented:

"The KCC will inform and stimulate the public with a wide range of artistic activities and will involve it through programs, workshops, libraries and various activities. The KCC will be an artistic reference point for the whole year and for the entire population.


Kolkata Centre for Creativity 2018, Courtesy of Kolkata Centre for Creativity



As stated from the center there will not be a permanent collection, but a program of temporary exhibitions of both local and international artists will be published annually. The first exhibition at the Emami Art will be dedicated to the figure of the recently deceased Dashrath Patel, Indian artist and designer. For the occasion will be collected many of his line drawings, and many ceramics and collages created between the 1930 - 2000. Particular attention will be given to the photographic work of the artist who for years has been neglected.



What is the centre's main purpose? "Promoting art and culture among an audience of non-professionals", commented RK Jain, director of the Samastipur railway division in a statement. But even before these artistic developments, it would be unfair to say India had little to offer the contemporary art world. We need only think of the Sotheby’s division in Mumbai where periodical events for local collectors are constantly organized. And that’s not all… Indian Railways is investing in the modernization of the tram network through contemporary art: local artists have been involved in decorating the train connecting Darbhanga to New Delhi using the Madhubani technique. The numerous passengers have already renamed it the "train of art", growing it into an important social event in very short space of time!


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