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Los Almendros De Ibiza is an interactive art installation to raise awareness of Ibiza’s dying almond trees and distressed nature.


The project LOS ALMENDROS DE IBIZA was born from the inspiration of the artist Sophie Stinglhamber, founder of SUSTAINABLE ART asbl, who found an ally in this adventure, with the Curator Diego Alonso.

Both in love with Ibiza, they decided to help protect the environment of the island.

They are collaborating in this project, LOS ALMENDROS DE IBIZA, to submit a problem of which little is spoken about and to put in motion actions to find a solution for Ibiza's land and the rebirth of the almond trees industry.

 For this project, the cooperation and collaboration between the artist and the curator makes it possible to move forward in the interest of the objective set.


The artist, through her creation, aims to get closer to the daily life of the visitors in order to make them aware of this cause.

"Homage to the trees, our green sages, silent and powerful, brewing with their compassionate breaths the oxygen of the World. An unconditional gift that we must preserve and love"

Sophie Stinglhamber


The curator, as a catalyst, brings together ideas and objectives to take them to institutional and historical functions in order to make them productive.

"Taking care of the almond trees means understanding the problem at the source, at the roots. What is happening in Ibiza is an example of what is globally happening to the environment. Today we can not change the past, but we can work for a more respectful world. Visual art makes it possible to challenge human sensibilities differently"  

Diego Alonso


Last Friday, July 21, 2017 the sculptures were auctioned at Ibiza Gran Hotel with the collaboration of Lord Harry Dalmeny, UK Chairman of Sotheby's to raise funds for different projects to improve Ibiza's agriculture and almond industry.


Sophie Stinglhamber was born in Goma, Congo, and established on the Island of Ibiza. Her professional experience focuses on the memory of human evolution and its consequences on the mineral, vegetable, animal and human worlds. In order to express her ideas, she gets inspiration from different artistic currents, such as ephemeral art, environmental art, street art, conceptual art, immediate art and living art.From 2015, she reflects and concentrates on the use of art and the relevance of producing art in-situ. For her, art and its usefulness must be connected to the different actors who support the same cause.


Diego Alonso is the founder and director of MONDO GALERIA, art gallery dedicated to contemporary photography and design in Madrid and art projects in Ibiza. In Ibiza he programmed the artistic content for BoKáo (2015), and created exhibitions for El Hotel Pacha, Atzaró, Centro Cultural de Jesús and for his own space in San Francisco, Salinas. At present he focuses his activity on managing curatorial projects for institutions and artists.


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