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Kirsten Keagli is a platform for established and emerging artists, an “art dealer and international art representative in Switzerland” and for all the participants of the contemporary art world.

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Kirsten Keagli Consulting is committed to supporting artists and building bridges with galleries to showcase their work as aritsts. Based in Switzerland (Zurich), which demonstrated to be a flourishing marketplace for the art market, Kirsten Keagli Consulting’s is indeed sorrounded by a dynamic and growing paronama. 

"As we enter the 21st century, Contemporary Art has become the primary growth engine of the global Art Market".

The newness of its offer is to address the consulting service to those who want to buy art, but also to those who make it, meaning to both collectors and artists. 

Kirsten Keagli Consulting has at heart emerging artists; its desire is to help them conquer the recognition they deserve, by building bridges with galleries, finding the most suitable ones to represent them or showcase their work and by publishing their artworks on the online market thanks to the support of the most effective solutions available. Kirsten Keagli Consulting already proudly collaborates with several international emerging artists and chose Kooness.com and its remarkable experience with emerging artists - as the online platform to sell their artworks.

The first artist Kirsten Keagli Consulting entrusted to Kooness.com is American graffiti artist WALLSTREET, who - after numerous setbacks with the law - established his street art and projected it on canvas with a solution between neo-expressionism and abstract graffiti. Orienting his philosophy of life towards a new and more positive way, he keeps in mind and transcribes in his works the violence of the street, mixed with more serene messages.


KISS ME by WALLSTREET. Courtesy of Kirsten Keagli.


The second artist is Philippe Bietry a French painter whose peculiarity is painting water and its metamorphoses: reflection, splashes, movements and transparencies are all part of the game. His study is generally focused on nature: he represents the rhythm of rock folds, the meanders of glaciers, the architectures of clouds, that are able to reveal to us a perfectly constructed world.


Ciel de Glace 3 by Philippe Biétry. Courtesy of Kirsten Keagli.


Kirsten Keagli Consulting represents a real opportunity for emerging artists that struggle finding their way in the art world. Thanks to Kirsten Keagli Consulting’s experience and partners they can valorize their artworks and present them to the right audience.

We cannot wait to see what other talented artists will be featured on Kooness, stay tuned and go check Kirsten Keagli's page out.   


Discover more about Kirsten Keagli Consulting on Kooness.com

Cover image: Courtesy of Kirsten Keagli.

Written by Ottavia Sella

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