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In the 1960s James Turrell introduced an art that was not an object but an experience in perception. By manipulating light rather than paint or sculptural material, he examined the very nature of seeing. Over the next half century, Turrell has become known not only for his light projections and installations but especially for his continued work for more than three decades on a project called Roden Crater. 


Roden Crater


“Roden crater” is the conversion of a natural volcanic crater on the edge of the Painted Desert in northern Arizona into one of the most ambitious artworks ever envisioned by a single artist.

Located in an extinct volcano in the Arizona desert, this large-scale project involves a series of specially engineered caverns, tunnels and apertures, all working to allow Turrell’s true medium, the light, to shine through.


Roaden Crater


Turrell acquired the land the crater rests on in 1977, and has since been working to transform the interior into a “naked eye observatory,” as the artist calls it. This project is the culmination of artist James Turrell and his lifelong obsession with the contours of light and space. 


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