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Renata Fabbri opens its new season with a solo show dedicated to Giovanni Kronenberg.


September 25th - November 11th 2017

Renata Fabbri Arte Contemporanea
15c Stoppani street 
Milan (IT)


For the event, the Italian artist created a series of new works specially made for Renata Fabbri's gallery. Sculptures and drawings, artefacts or rare and hence precious natural finds that tend to be collected. His intervention is often minimal or, more often, the addition of an object or a material, to encourage the emergence of a quality that the collected elements already possess.
The objects and materials that Kronenberg combines are imbued with the past, yet they do not generate narrations; they contain multiple dimensions of time but do not tell stories. It seems like a dialogue between different time periods. Objects that we took home in a fragment of the time whence we came but that we will never achieve.
The construction of combinatory grammar underpins Kronenberg’s work, a grammar that acts on the slow sedimentation of the evocative quality inherent in objects and on the subsequent alteration of those qualities through forms of intrusion.

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