To Dream, to Collect


Francesco Bosso presents a preview of his last work, the drama conveyed in the title shows that from a long time the Author committed himself to protect the Environment and the Nature in all its forms.

Through the medium of the photography while working with traditional materials, he displays a vision that is, something that goes beyond the contemporary and ordinary eye, because the author means to divulge and share the admiration and awe for the inherent feeling of Nature.

A dramatic beauty hides behind these gigantic "fragments" of glaciers melting faster than expected since 2012!

The "Global Warming" is devouring the glaciers of the Earth. As the author explains: "While touring around the Artic borders, I have felt strong emotions, the fluidity of such a natural beauty is unsettling. You can immediately perceive the fragility and disaster in progress. Although the Artic is so far away, it really is the thermometer of the Earth, therefore, it is important that people become mre aware of the unfortunate consequences of global warming.



Inspired by the aggravanting damage of environmental pollution, the project's aim is to denounce the melting of glacier due to climate change. In light of such issues, I would like to offer my contribution to stop the melting of glaciers and to encourage the public to adhere to an ethic of Conservation of Nature, since we cannot afford to destry it. The images display the bauty of the Artic through the emblematic icons of the biggest icebergs, which let the viewers think about the unique characteristics of such sities.

Iceberg now becoming increasingly rare, precious jewels of nature at risk of extinction. Although they have a short life, sometimes just a few weeks, they are as mejestic as rocky mountains, unavoidably beaten and sculpted by wind and water, creating new shapes unabated.

By emphasizing the gravity of ice melting, the dialogue between Art and Environment can facilitate the big change toward conservation. Sustainability requires innovative ways of dealing with Nature, which is necessary to avoid "the point of no return"! 

Bosso presented the preview of this work at MIA Photo Art Fair in Milan last week-end. 


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