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Fine Collectibles is a Hong Kong based Gallery founded by Ms. Joline Chan with a vision of bringing unique art pieces from emerging artists of emerging markets to art lovers and collectors worldwide

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Fine Collectibles is a Gallery founded by Joline Chan based in Hong Kong. The Gallery is driven by the passion of bringing artists who gained a certain level of achievement from emerging markets to art lovers world wide. It is the perfect place for art enthusiasts and collectors to find unique pieces from growing artists inside the art market. The Gallery’s mission is written in its statement, emphasizing the focus on artists who have garnered attention from art critics and experts. The gallery predominantly represents artists from regions such as South East Asia and Africa, whose works embody the rich traditional, cultural, or social narratives of their origins. The stories of the artists merge with their contemporary artistic practices creating interesting valuable pieces.

The gallery’s founder, Ms. Joline Chan, has a background in Art History and Humanities. Her expertise lies in cultural criticism of arts, literature, movies and architecture. Thus, she has a deep understanding and ability in the appreciation of the arts in cultural contexts and their values. She has always been observing the artworld and since recent years, she became an art collector herself. After working in the commercial sector, Joline Chan has now the mission to uplift artists with her strongest passion. She has created a network of voices worth noticing from emerging markets and now she wants to present them to world wide collectors, positioning them on a global stage.

Evangeline Ang, Gaze 2024. Courtesy of Fine Collectibles

The gallery’s current focus on artists from South East Asia and Africa highlights a mix of diverse artworks that reflect the differences and the interconnections of traditions, cultures, and social commentaries of the regions the artists are coming from. One of the artists is Nino Trindade (b. 1982) from Mozambique. His sculptures and paintings are inspired by the daily lives of his native country. Evangeline Ang, from Singapore, translates her fascination for nature, light, colors and textures into creations on canvas. Another interesting artist is Khin Zaw Latt.  Khin comes from Myanmar which is a country very rich in Buddha traditions and religious practices. He studied English in a monastery from 2002-04 and therefore not surprisingly Buddha served as an important inspiration for his paintings.

Khin Zaw Latt, Past and Present (2), 2024. Courtesy of Fine Collectibles.

It has the ability to create cultural dialogues between the artists and the public, inviting the viewer to delve into the histories that lie behind the canvases. Fine Collectibles Art Gallery’s efforts are essential in placing emerging artists from less represented markets onto the global map. Lately, Fine Collectibles has participated in the Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong. The gallery’s exhibitions and collections have garnered attention from art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide, creating a bridge between diverse cultural landscapes and the international art community. 

Fine Collectibles Art Gallery celebrates and highlights the artistic practices of different emerging voices. Through its passion and mission the gallery continues to inspire and captivate the market, making a significant mark on the global art landscape.

Cover Image: Fine Collectibles Gallery at Affordable Art Fair HK 2024. Courtesy of Fine Collectibles

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