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Amy-d Arte Spazio is pleased to present another chapter of Project economART provocatively named L’esclusa. No show - dialectical tyranny of visibility, born by the idea of Anna d’Ambrosio and Emanuele Beluffi. 

From the 20th June until the 16th of July, with different work by the artists Alessio Barchitta, Emanuele Dainotti, Manuel de Marco, Ivano Sossella, this group show will unhinge and think over the current rule of art in the economic system. Inspired by the theory of the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard - frequently associated as one of the most important voices of the French Situationism and Postmodernism - this exhibition is divided in two parts. The first one is focused on a performative action about the negation of the exhibition value, while, the second part is dedicated to how and for who reintroducing art. 


Emanuele Dainotti, Santamarìa, stillvideo, hd, video in loop, 2018. Courtesy Amy-d Arte Spazio


As Jean Baudrillard said:

We produce, we accumulate. And because we can no more assume the symbolic mastery of absence we are plunged today into the inverse illusion, the disenchanted proliferation of screens and the profusion of images. So the best discourse about painting would be a discourse where there is nothing to say, which would be the equivalent of a painting where there is nothing to see. However, an object which isn’t an object is nothing. One becomes obsessed by its immanence, its void and its immaterial presence.The problem is to materialize this nothingness.


So the aim of this project is to find and also to present a space where is possible to construct unprecedented situations that want to subvert ordinary relationships, producing amazement and strong emotional charge on the art public. Indeed, as an Art Manifesto, Amy-d Arte Spazio was born from the requirement to communicate, through the language of art, the relationship between the individual and the economy. In accord with the words of Paul Samuelson, it refers to the study of the way in which both individuals and companies choose to employ productive resources for current and future consumption between different people and social groups. In the end, from this point of view, Amy-d is the legitimate daughter of the difficult period we are going through.


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