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Young Soy Gallery, a gallery with the everlasting quest to cultivate and celebrate radical artists, is thrilled to announce its upcoming exhibition, Off Skin. This show will champion the craftsmanship and artistry of seven talented Hong Kong tattoo artists. Iris Yung, Johnathan Tsang, Pong Tse, Lexi Liu, Ray Li, Rikakorp, and Ross Turpin will be unveiling their trailblazing body of works, challenging the traditional” practice of tattoo by manifesting their concepts on more conventional art mediums such as canvas, acrylic, and paper. 

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At Off Skin, Young Soy Gallery celebrates the craftsmanship and artistry of Hong Kong tattoo artists and the tattoo culture by bringing to the audience a body of art created by tattoo artists that transcends the limitation of the skin and allows the artists to express their visions and creativity in unprecedented ways. Through this show, the audience is invited to engage with tattoo culture as an art form that defies conventions and inspires new possibilities for self-expression. 

Here is a sneak peek of some radical works on view at Off Skin…

Ray Li, Fear. Courtesy of Young Soy Gallery 

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Ray Li began his tattoo career in 2021 with Star Crossed Tattoo. The artist believes that drawing is a fundamental part of a tattoo, which later motivated him to draw on paper to practice his tattooing. Treating the paper as if it was human skin, Li puts maximum attention to detail and time into perfecting his drawings. By using ballpoint pen in his drawings, the artist wishes to set a challenge for himself to keep on pushing himself to painstakingly make art with what he believes to be a simple and rawmedium and to bring about a sense of pure joy in the challenging process of making art.

Iris Yung, Tiny People Series - “The Apple of My Eye…. Who Cares?". Courtesy of Young Soy Gallery


Iris Yung is a Hong Kong-based artist specialising in modern abstract painting and tattoo art. Yungs works explore intense emotions which she disassembles and reconstructs into powerful expressions using bold colours and dynamic shapes. Whether on canvas or skin, Iriss art challenges perceptions, and inspires and empowers viewers to connect with their own emotions on a deeper level. 

Pong Tse, Spider, Chinese White Ink on Hanging Scroll. Courtesy of Young Soy Gallery


Hong Kong tattoo artist Pong Tses style is a fusion of Japanese-style tattoos and his crazy thoughts — the jyun4 dot. Besides tattooing, he also makes ceramics, which this three-dimensional artistic practice provided him with a different perspective on both artmaking and tattooing.


Rika Korp, Mermaids, Mixed Media on Watercolour Paper, 30 x 40cm


Rika Korponay, or Rikakorp, is a Hong Kong-based artist and tattooer. Her work is an expression of personal experiences in bright bold colours and fun playful imagery. Korponary started her practice as a self-taught artist, and her practice started on paper and canvas and grew to murals and human skin. 

This June, let Young Soy Gallery and the seven artists tattoo your mind with their radical visions and join us to make an everlasting mark in art history. 

Cover Image: Iris Yung. Mountain iii. Courtesy of Young Soy Gallery

Written by Kooness

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