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EDEN as the childhood place of a nation. EDEN, as a hopeful place, EDEN, as a place full of dreams, strong ideals and conflicts, but also a place of desire. Not just for the Jews in the Diaspora, but for each population and every single human being looking for his living space. EDEN is about the early Fifties in Israel and gently invites its visitors to an unprejudiced observation on a period we know little about.

Paintings which bring us inside a grazing light waving between dreamlike and memory and introduce us to a period of difficult, tenacious and joyous rebirth: the man victim of centennial persecutions, chilled by the pale European skies, now takes up the spade and the pitchfork to grow his own land. It is the time of the pioneers with their sun tanned skin because of their work in fields, with one hand on the plough and the other one on the books.


Courtesy Federico Rui Arte Contemporanea


All along active both in Italy and abroad, Barbara Nahmad chooses to catch and show in her exhibition some moments of the daily life in cities, schools, roads, kibbutz at the margins of the desert, combining them with more intimate images of a world which actually was very young.

During the process of painting this new series, Nahmad realised that the topic she was analysing needed a change in her own technique and style. She abandoned the enamel, which had deeply characterised most of her previous works and removed everything she felt as “redundant” on the canvas. And the same she did with courage, also politically talking, getting rid of every nostalgia.

The exhibition at Federico Rui Arte Contemporanea by Barbara Nahmad boasts 20 paintings featuring a simple yet fascinating style, made of essential colours. Inspired by the 40s and the 50s in Israel, the works depict daily life and intimate scenes of new-born realities where people, especially youngsters, learn the first concets of life, go to school and fall in love, as if they were on a Heaven on Earth. The paintings on exhibit tell the story of a society made of people who take seriously their responsabilities and take care of themselves, even children, where loneliness doesn’t exist.


Federico Rui Arte Contemporanea

The exhibition is open Tue-Fri 3pm-7pm and on Saturday upon appointment.

Via Turati, 38





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