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From October 22nd to the 25th, settled in the beautiful Budapest atmosphere, Art Market Budapest fair will present a vivid and full artistic program dealing with contemporary art on different levels. 

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Since 2011, Art Market Budapest has been focusing its energies on showing how Central and Eastern European galleries manage to work inside the contemporary art market and system. Differntly from many other art events, the hungarian fair investigates on different points of view by displaying several sections, such as the one dedicated to the art market – the art fair as everybody knows it -, i.e. Art Market Budapest; the section entirely committed to the medium of photography, Art Photo Budapest, and a very interesting program of panels, named Inside Art where professionals of the art system are invited to dialogue on art and politics related issues – a very essential topic regarding Eastern Europe’s realities -, people, general culture and, eventually, the art market, of course. 


Anikó ROBITZ Anikó ROBITZ – Strasbourg Rivetoile (2014) plexiglass photo 75 x 50 cm.


Einspach Fine Art Ákos EZER – Shade in blue II. (2000) oil, canvas 147 x 130 cm.


During the fair, alongside the Inside Art focus, Art Market Budapest develops three other series of programs: 30 Free Festival, Be.More.Contemporary and Stanby

All these complementary realities aim at comparing “the now emerging regions in and beyond Europe as well as the progressive new generation of artists of the already established West”. This goal stresses Art Market Budapest role as a platform where “artists - collectors - galleries – experts – art lovers – curators – trendsetters – stars” (as the fair teaser claims) can have an interesting debate. Also, the five fair directors, are coming from different backgrounds and Eastern and Central European countries as Budapest, Berlin, Bucharest, Ljubljana, so the dialogue among these different countries will definitely be extremely interesting.


Godot Gallery Imre BUKTA – The most beautiful tree in the county, detail (2012) oil, graphite, paper, plexiglass, mdf 170 x 230 cm.


Horizont Gallery Dia PINTÉR – Entering Into A Clear Area (2019) serpentine ribbon, marker, pen, acrylic spray, canvas 200 × 150 cm.


Cover image: Art Photo Budapest, Art Market Budapest, installation view 2019 edition.

Written by Rossella Farinotti

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