To Dream, to Collect


As an idyllic hero Anton Goiri (Bilbao, 1970) flies the depths. He invites us to his nether path that removes light, brightness and shade.

The photographer converts a series of tunnels and underground chambers, apparently inanimate environments, in science fiction ambient. Interior landscapes where architectural details disappear in favor of single energy space. Places where every blink transports us to an abstract plane away from the simple reproduction of images.


Antòn Goiri - Concrete II


This artist manages to fill light, brightness and shadow sordid and tragic scenes, he faces sordid, heavy reality scenarios, to fill a magic and poetry that only his imagination and technique can extract.

This technique, used by Goiri to transport us into his space, puts him in a more metaphysical plane compare to a simple hunter image. It places him in the space of art, where what we see is neither intended to be just what it is.

Discover his artworks from Mondo Galeria on HERE


 Antòn Goiri - Concrete VI

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