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Nowadays life is simple… you think about a way to make everything more easy, shareable, and then something just appears in front of you! In this infinite universe of new technologies, there are no limits, and every day we are witnessing new tools, new ways to create, to be connected. 

Just few days ago we discussed the increasing influence of the digital inside the art market, and more specifically about How digital is creating new smart ways to collect...Whilst always operating under the overall area that links together art and technologies, today I want to take a moment to analyze an interesting project connected to the art digital certification - Tagsmart. But what is Tagsmart and what sort of revolution will it bring with it? How stated by Kurt Beers (Beers London Gallery):


"Tagsmart is a simple and effective method of authenticating works, providing our collectors with the security and peace of mind that each piece comes directly from the artists' studio".


Tagsmart is a service that offers a complete art certification, DNA tagging and provenance cataloging solution. Their technology powers the world’s first trusted art trading platform. Developed by the art world for the art world, Tagsmart combines physical DNA Tags, an online Provenance database and Certificates of Authenticity to identify and secure artworks. Endorsed and used by leading and upcoming artists and galleries, Tagsmart uses DNA Tagging technology to certify artworks alongside a secure system for issuing secure and professional Certificates of Authenticity.


Courtesy: Tagsmart


Tagsmart is a British technology company formally launched in 2016. A pioneer reality on the application of synthetic DNA tags to verify and certify artworks.  By an online platform to generate highly secure Certificates of Authenticity, Tagsmart provides these services in the art market and is the only such business featured in the 2017 Deloitte Art and Finance Report. It seems that everyone could draw benefits through Tagsmart, indeed, all the 450 + artists of Tagsmart can submit their works for review by channels, who in turn can select the works/artists they want to represent. In this way retailers get trusted inventory from a range of new artists, collectors get trusted art and the artist gets the opportunity to sell more works.

Briefly, how to proceed...


You can generate a secure Certificate of Authenticity with a single click. Offer your collectors a digital experience unavailable elsewhere in the art market and let us take care of the admin.


Create, access, display and share the artwork information online. Ensure that your gallery is part of the artwork’s provenance for all time, giving you a link with its future owners.


Protect an artwork in seconds, using revolutionary technology featuring synthetic DNA and other security elements. Art conservator-approved for all surfaces - from paper to aluminium. 


Finally, if you’d like to learn more about Tagsmart start to navigate on their web site www.tagsmart.com or get in touch with them at enquiries@tagsmart.com!


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