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Never leave a street artist for too long under the dangerous lockdown! Especially if the artist has a clear tendency to leave always signs of his passage in any wall that appears in front of him. With a bit of irony, we say goodbye to this weekend together with Banksy's recent contribution to the COVID-19 issue.

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With the statement: "My wife hates it when I work from home", the anonymous artist commented on his Instagram page under the photograph of his bathroom which is stormed by a pack of mischievous mice. The same rats that we have already seen at work on different walls around the world. For example, the stolen mouse from an advertising billboard near the Center Pompidou, in Paris. Or the legendary Love Rat recently auctioned in the online sale that Sotheby’s has entirely dedicated to street artist prints. 

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Not even escaping the rules of COVID-19,  also Banksy finds himself forced to stay at home, but he never misses an opportunity to greet his fans and give them a smile. So, this is why a mouse wringer the tube of toothpaste badly, another one run on the toilet paper roll, or a rodent pees on the toilet, others climb and smear the mirror. In short, an invasion.

But on the other hand, it is certainly not the fault of these funny mice who, accustomed to wandering freely in the subsoils of the cities, have had to adapt to the new situation of forced confinement. Moreover, Banksy is certainly not new to interior design works, such as from the Walled Off Hotel in Jerusalem or in the London store. Finally, another question: is there really a wife? We don't know if Banksy is married, but two toothbrushes are in the photograph, but what is certain is that we are in front of a true professional of staging.  His latest work dates back to February 14, a mural in Bristol for Valentine's Day. 

If you want to see more: www.instagram.com/banksy

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