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Lesia Danilina is a contemporary artist who has a deep interest in the mental state of the modern man. With the guidance of her art, she seeks to explore the patterns and ways of refuge for humans.

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Lesia Danilina is an artist who currently resides in Turkey. She has created for herself a minimalistic and abstract visual language, which incorporates a variety of different techniques and mediums to create art that explores the mental state of the modern man.

Danilina is an accomplished, internationally renowned contemporary artist. She has exhibited her work in solo and group shows across Turkey, as well as in many private collections internationally. She has also educated herself by taking a variety of courses among which exists courses by MOMA.

Danilina's art often explores themes of healing and mental health. She is particularly interested in exploring the causes of discomfort and seeing ways to peace. She strives to deepen Herman Rorschach’s research of the use of stains to analyze characteristics and mental states. 

One of Danilina's most distinctive artistic techniques is the use of acrylic and soak-stain on a mostly uncoated canvas. In her own words, she only has stain and color in her arsenal. And then she can only use the art of composition, knowledge of color psychology, and physics of materials (using different mediums for acrylics, water pours, texture pastes, and ground coffee). Her sculptural work is also characterized by the clarity of the black and white against the abstraction of the figure.

Lesia Danilina, Wabi-Vase 9, 2022, Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery

Danilina’s vases are based on a used glass bottle. The fact that the bottle is used invites the explorer to question man’s relationship with nature and the issues of “reuse” and “recycle”.It proves that it is not only possible to give a second life to ordinary things, but through the idea and work of an artisan, you can turn them into a work of art.

The vases are made of clay and plaster without the aid of a potter's wheel, inspired by the aesthetics of the wabi-sabi concept. This Japanese term means “a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay.” So, wabi-sabi reminds us of the illusory nature of permanence and perfection, the ephemerality of problems and worries.


Lesia Danilina, Beige feelings Quadriptych, 2022, Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery

“The modern man receives huge layers of information every day. And very different: from low-quality to important exclusive knowledge. But the problem is that there is no time to master it. We throw in and throw in new layers of thoughts, other people's ideas, conclusions, other people's experiences, and we completely forget where we are. Where am I? What is my goal? What am I consuming information for?”

One has to master the skill of slowing down, of grounding in order to lead a harmonious life. What this collection does to the viewer is remind them of this message. The beige, earthy, and coffee tones remind people of nature and calmness, in a sense of going back to one’s roots.   

Danilina says, “It is a ray of light turning to the inside of each of us. Illuminating that deep, unique world of feelings and thoughts. There is so much of you in this world, so much of your soul and happiness. There is a reason to stop and reflect on the question: What really matters to me right now?”

Overall, Lesia Danilina is a talented and dynamic artist whose work offers a unique perspective on the human experience. Through her vases which are made of clay and plaster and abstract acrylic paintings, she creates visually striking pieces that are both thought-provoking and emotionally resonant.

Cover image: Lesia Danilina, Set Wabi-Vases 4, 5, 6, 2022, Courtesy of Art Voyage Gallery

Written by Naz Akgun

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