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The MUSE, Museo della Scienze di Trento - the most recent and innovative place dedicated to biodiversity, to the history of life and the natural world - to accommodate the exhibition NATURE from 16 April through 25 September 2016, a solo exhibition by  Marzio Tamer: Venetian born artist (Schio, 1964) through his painting for the last  twenty years has won a leading role in the contemporary scene. There could be more of a symbiotic environment rest to expose the work of Tamer, that the nature of the animal world and the landscape made his creative universe: privileged subjects of inspiration and study for an art in which technical knowledge and vein poetic penetrate so absolutely personal.



Marzio Tamer, now considered one of the greatest Italian figurative painters, patiently prepared his work and is painstaking skillful at using the, it is the perception of life that emerges from his paintings - crisp, perfect, absolutely precise rendition of an animal or of an effect light or shade - make his works so profoundly emotional; and they share a mood and a natural condition that pervades the environment, only apparently static and silent, to make us grasp the depth of his look.


"NATURE, the art of Marzio Tamer," is curated by Stefano Zuffi and will consisted of 40 carefully selected works divided by subject - animals, landscapes, rocks and still lifes - the route taken in recent years by the artist.



Tamer, a self-taught artist abandon acrylic painting early to devote himself to egg tempera, an ancient technique used by artists such as De Chirico and Balthus who liked to take a longer time for reflection and that in this method method developed a deep knowledge of the medium.


The animals in his paintings all become and feel absolutely protagonist in the work when confronted with it. "The painting of Tamer's all a great song of love for every aspect of the world. It does not "surround" but rather penetrates us, even the most sensitive regions of the feeling".



The beauty and mastery of the brush strokes of Marzio Tamer is the pictorial counterpart (and the response of a sensitive talent) to the beauty and structural perfection that dwells in the body of all living beings as a result of a continuous process of evolution adaptation and transformation: one of the primary purposes of muse MUSE, is to incentive a growing scientific awareness and wildlife in the community, the works of this master of sensitivity to the "beautiful nature "become spectacular opportunity for the visitor to acquire, through an intense aesthetic fascination, a deep sensitivity and respect for the living world.



"NATURE, the art of Marzio Tamer" is exhibited by Muse – Museo delle Scienze de Trento and by Salamon & C Gallery - Main sponsors: Inaz, Technical sponsor: Ciaccio Art

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