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When you start building your own art collection, there are some highlights you should be aware of. You may ask, how and where do you begin if you desire to collect art?

Kooness suggests few useful tips on how to become an art collector by buying the first and unique piece of art. 


 1. Buy what you love

The most important thing to keep in mind within the art collecting world is that all you need is love and appreciation. If you really love a piece of art, trust your feeling and instinct. You'll never go wrong. So, fall in love with that artwork before making the purchase. 


Massimo Uberti - Loved Space



2. Set a budget

Establish your budget and hold to it. Understand what you can afford and what you cannot and try to buy the best you can afford. For instance, you may choose emerging art as the first step for your collection, focusing your attention on young, talented and promising artists. Photography and multiple editions may also be a valuable starting point. 


Isabella Nazzarri - Innesti #57



3. Do your own research

The best way to become a great and hungry art collector is to be informed. Go to art fairs, attend art openings and exhibitions, know the marketplace, talk with other collectors and read art magazines. You will then develop your own fine taste to collect the best art.  


Fabrizio Pozzoli - Smell, Fell, Think, Make



4. Quality, not quantity

Higher quality of an art collection is preferable than higher quantity. One may evaluate a great art collector on the basis of the value of his collection rather than on the number of artworks. It is better to collect slowly with judgment than try to rush by taking a decorative approach.


Giuseppe Amadio - Mantao



5. Curate your collection

Sculpture or painting? Photography or works on paper? Limited or multiple editions? Conceptual or figurative? Try to figure out the fil rouge of your art collection.


Stefano Perrone - Ritratto Bipolare Vuoto



6. Start on Kooness!

Kooness provides the best way to start building a perfect art collection. Shop online Kooness's exclusive collection and take home your first unique and original piece of art. 





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