To Dream, to Collect


The title of the 20th Biennale of Sydney, The future is already here - it's just not eveny distributed, is drawn from a comment by leading science-fiction author William Gibson. It speaks to the fact that the exhibition is about the now. It also acts as a reminder that access to information, to the internet, and to other more basic resources, is by no means universal; many people are denied the opportunity to benefit from (or partecipate in) these new spaces where information can be exchanged.


Cèline Condorelli - Structure for Communicating with Wind


While the range of urgencies and artistic practices varies widely across the Biennale, each venue takes as its strarting point the same question: if each era has a different view of reality, what is yours? 

With our growing dependence on the virtual world of the internet, the distinction between that world and the physical one is becoming ever less defined. Many artists are attempting to access the "in-between" - the place where the virtual and the physical fond into one another.


Noa Eshkol - The creation


The exhibition is structured around a series of thematic clusters, conceiving as 'embassies', with each exhibition space providing a transient home for particular constellation of thought. Traditionally, an embassy functions as a state within a state: a place offering protection and safety to the citizens of its home country. For the 20th Biennale of Sydney, these Embassies of thought are not related to colonial or imperial history, diplomatic missions, cultural and linguistic boundaries, or economic power structures. Instead, they provide all visitors to the exhibition with safe space for thinking.




The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia has been recast as the Embassy of Translation, bringing together a selection of works by artists that cintextualise historical positions, concepts and artefacts, alongs' de contemporary concerns and working methods. While relying on a range of different startegies, each artist considers history ad one material among others, restaging ans reimagining it as part of the process.

 Stephanie Rosenthal 

Artistic Director 

20th Biennale of Sydney


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