#MadridWithManuela - Manuela Cardena supported by Artists

Matthew Verri - 03 Jun 2015

Art magazine - art news - #MadridWithManuela - Manuela Cardena supported by Artists

Manuela Carmena, candidate for mayor of Madrid, with the party Podemos, at the local elections of May 24th in Spain, has been supported by an army of artists and creative people. 

Under the slogan #MadridconManuela, illustrators, graphic designers, painters by profession and hobby offered with enthusiasm their work producing hundreds of posters that now blanket the city. 

Now that social networks play an important role in election campaigns, the former judge of the Supreme Court, Manuela Carmena has received a great support from social networks

On the platform Tumblr hundreds of illustrators, who don’t need to be professional, posted their creations in support of Manuela. The phenomenon, known as Fan Art, it is unusual in Spain but has become viral.







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