Feral Horses presents its first collection of contemporary artists called "Regard"

Lise Arlot - 11 May 2017

Art magazine - art news - Feral Horses presents its first collection of contemporary artists called

Feral Horses is the very first art trading platform to acquire and trade shares of contemporary artworks.


The first collection of handpicked European contemporary artists is called “Regard”. Sometimes, a regard is just a simple look, a gaze. It can be an aspect, a point or a particular. It could be a thought, an attention or a concern. A regard could be a reference or a relation. It can also mean respect, esteem, deference. Here, it is a glimpse into our contemporaneity. 


Alessandro Calizza

Alessandro Calizza is a young Roman artists who is fascinated by the very notion of time. His works are exhibited around Italy and abroad. 


“For ever and ever” from £2.81 per share

“For ever and ever” (2017) by Alessandro Calizza Mixed media: Bas-relied


Léo Caillard

The French artist who humanises iconic classical statue is widely recognised as very representative of this new generation of emerging artist who invites us to rediscover & question our social environment with a touch of lightness, humour & sensitivity.


“Poseidon” from £8.32 per share


"Hipsters in Bronze — Venus Capitoline" from £26.01 per share

“Venus Capitolina” from the Fine Art Photopraphy Hipster in bronze series (2015) by Léo Caillard



Federico Clapis 

Federico Clapis is an Italian painter, writer, and performer who became famous in his country thanks to a unique strategy to promote his paintings.

For five years he worked “undercover”, producing viral video comedies, accumulating millions of fans and views.



“Future Archeology: Junk Food” from £4.68 per share

“Future Archeology” Junk Food by Federico Clapis — Sculpture



Matteo Cordero 

Matteo Cordero is an Italian painter born in Italy in 1988. 

These visions of parallel worlds, full of primitive monsters and apocalyptic scenes, are his response to both the global financial crisis and, more specifically, the political situation in Italy.


“005-Untitled”, “021-Untitled”and “014-Untitled” from £5.72 per shares

 “005 — Untitled” (2013) by Matteo Cordero —  Acrylic on canvas



Simone Fugazzotto 

Simone Fugazzotto was born, then he started to paint. Fugazzotto believes that contemporary art and artists’ biographies should be straight-to-the-point and powerful. 


“Gravity” and “Just you and me” from £4.68 per share

“Just you and me” (2016) by Simone Fugazzotto — Mixed-media (oil over cement)



Stefano Gentile 

Stefano Gentile is a painter who was born in Milan and who has started painting only three years ago. In his work, the young contemporary artists manages to “filter” history through his playful and pop vision, reinterpreting the images that characterised the last century, from the fall of the Berlin Wall to Tiananmen Square protests, from Kennedy’s assassination to the Shoa’s tragedy, by deconstructing them and giving them a new dimension.


“The D-Trump show!” from £3.43 per share

“The D-Trump show!”by Stefano Gentile — Painting



Donatella Izzo

Donatella Izzo, born in 1979, is an artist who lives and works in Milan. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and she immediately started to develop a strong interest in photography elaborated in a pictorial manner. In 2010, the artist stops the pictorial manipulating of photographs, that was predominant in her work in order to focus on a purer photographic technique, yet still loaded with a strong metaphorical value. 


“Blow” from £ 3.12 per share

Blow” (2017) by Donatella Izzo — Photography



“The cardinal’s conceit” from £ 3.95 per share




"At the beginning, Jago was telling me with a significant amount of enthusiasm an initiatory journey, a quest for poor but nobles materials, that would be used to tell a story about relationships with rough and mysterious materials. The stones, smoothened from the time, left out from the manufacturers on the Apuane mountains, shaped by water and picked up from the pebbly shore. Those stones get patiently sculpted by the young sculptor, elaborated in the depths of an essence that progressively yielded to an ever more free and bold creative demand". 

— (Maria Teresa Benedetti)


“Carne” from £20.81 per share

Carne” (2015) by Jago — Sculptures made with river stone and marble



“Impronta animale” from £22,89 per share

“Impronta animale” (2012) by Jago — Sculptures made with river stone and marble



Yvette Monahan

Yvette Monahan is a Dublin based photographer who works with stories and space. She is interested in how a particular landscape can hold stories of what’s been and what could be.



“The Labyrinth of Nebias”, “The Presbytery” & “In the shadow of the mountain” from £2.08 per share

“The Labyrinth of Nebias” by Yvette Monahan — Photography “The Presbytery” by Yvette Monahan — Photography In the shadow of the mountain” by Yvette Monahan — Photography



Raffaele Montepaone

Raffaele Monepaone was born on May 5, 1980, in Vibo Valentia. Since he was a little boy he has been fascinated by the world of photography. His first project, on which he still continues to work, is a real hymn to life. Life is the project, in which he tells us his story through his characters’ eyes, faces, hands, touched by the time, in which he shows us the real Calabria. 


“Grani di Speranza” from £3,12 per share

“Memoria” from £7,28 per share




Tasos Nyfadopoulos

Tasos Nyfadopoulos was born in Athens, Greece, and is currently living and working in his art studio in Marousi. Tasos’ large-scale, public installation titled “Crisis” was the very first project inspired by the socioeconomic problems caused by the global financial breakdown. The “Crisis” sculpture is permanently exhibited in Vouliagmenis Avenue 602A in Athens and is the first sculpture in public place addressing the socioeconomic crisis. 


“Thoughtforms” from £3.23 per share

“Thoughtforms” by Tasos Nyfadopoulos — Sculpture


“Parallel Expressions” and “Where am I?” from £4.47 per share

“Parallel Expressions” by Tasos Nyfadopoulos — Sculpture

“Where am I?” by Tasos Nyfadopoulos — Sculpture



David Aiu Servan-Schreiber

David aiu Servan-Schreiber is a young french artists based in London. He traces his journey to faith through his observation of the planets. Symbols of Christian Orthodox iconology, astrolatry and alchemy are combined in his art to express and give meaning to what contemporary science cannot justify or explain yet.


“Bezon” from £5.12 per share

“Stintino” from £4.01 per share

“L’écume des jours” from £4.81 per share

“Bezon” by David Aiu Servan-Schreiber— oil paint, cement and gold leaf

 “Stintino” by David Aiu Servan-Schreiber — oil paint, cement and gold leaf

“L’écume des jours” by David Aiu Servan-Schreiber — oil paint, cement and gold leaf






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