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The Men Issue - 21 Apr 2015

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Fabiano Parisi photographic research aims the lens at sites that are abandoned and marginal, at the aesthetic of these architectural structures deprived of a human presence, frozen in the past but still capable of telling a story.

Il mondo che non vedo (The world I do not see) is the photographic project in which the artist shoot with his personal style abandoned and derelict places. Fabiano develops and carries out this project since 2007, he aims to create in the viewer a sense of wonder, because he knows how to turn the ruin and desolation in elements with mysterious beauty. 


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Parisi pays attention to every detail in all the photographic process, all of the pictures in fact are printed by himself. Fabiano’s works are displayed in major international art fairs. He has had several solo shows, some of the most recent of which were held at PULSE New York in 2015.  He will exhibit in ART 15, London’s global Art Fair, with the Diana Lowenstein Gallery – Miami – from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23th of May.

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