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Francesca Mazzanti - 17 Feb 2015

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There are people who have lived extraordinary lives, who have incredible stories to share. People who turned their professions into an out-and-out lifestyle. Edo Bertoglio is one of those photographers who captured a historical and social period, the period that changed the art world in New York in the seventies and eighties.

 Basquiat 5th street - Edo Bertoglio


Edo Bertoglio has always been “addicted to faces”, a person who “falls in love every five minutes”: with a gaze, the arch of an eyebrow, a group of facial features or an expression. His entire career is constellated with portraits, from the moment in which he takes off between the end of the seventies and the beginning of the eighties with his arrival in New York and his entrance into the artistic community which revolved around Andy Warhol’s Factory and the renowned magazine, Interview.

Portraits that immortalised the people who made up his days and his work in that period. Friends and fellow-artists who would be known to everyone else as the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat or singer Debbie Harry of Blondie. The desire, or the necessity, to capture a face or to freeze in time the things it can evoke or epitomize, accompanies Edo Bertoglio from the universe of 80's club scene to the timeless beauty of nowadays. 


 Ronnie Cutrone - Edo Bertoglio


Coney Island - Edo Bertoglio



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