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Francesco Tordi - 30 Jan 2015

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Photograph was the protagonist of Arte Fiera. The thirty-ninth edition of the appointment with the most important modern and contemporary art of the Italian scene, but not only, ended with a significant increase in turnout and excellent sale results.

A  very important aspect was the presence of the photographic language, not only in the section created in 2014 in collaboration with MIA Fair and curated by Fabio Castelli, but in many other galleries, some of which have finally "dared" also propose video installations.

For example C.A.M. Istanbul presented Homogenic of Giuseppe Mastromatteo a photographic work combined with a video in which the artist highlights a sequence of eight contemplative looks.  The faces change, but the eyes of the subjects are always the same: tight, blacks and penetrating despite never stop staring into the void they leave the spectator an immense sense of infinity.


Who does not leave the analog to propose his work is Luigi Erba (Galleria Paola Sosio Contemporary - Milan): the film is impressed with several shots of a place, in an attempt to snatch the essence, then left for  few months in the refrigerator, then reused and imprinted with another environment by creating Un luogo sull'altro, an ambiguous place between reality  and imagination that express the tension of human being in a place, but dream about another. 

Michal Macku (Paci Contemporary Gallery) after various experiments in the darkroom reached a new technique: the gellage, a mix of the words jelly and collage. Macku manipulates the gelatin of the photographic film to transfer it on paper,  in a second stage he adds the glass giving life to the glass gellage. His photographs-sculptures through transparency and games overlap assume an expressive three-dimensionality.


Between videos stand out the installation Amor of Eulalia Valldosera (Galleria Trisorio) with a delicate projection that appears behind a vase with a red rose that becomes part of the image. 

The installation of Kenji Sugiyama Institute of Intimate Museums - Mirror Mirror (Marella Gallery) where through the mirror you create in the spectator an imbalance that brings him back to his past and to his personal experiences.


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