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Kooness - 21 Mar 2018

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Have you ever spotted a famous artwork while watching a movie?

Paintings are rarely included in a movie without having a purpose.
Great filmmakers walk the tightrope between visual and verbal storytelling.
They understand that quite a lot can be said by using great art to speak for you. 
The artwork is often in the background so that only a careful audience can appreciate and understand its presence in the scene.


Mark Rothko's "Untitled no.12" in Limitless


They are obviously not just a set piece, they can make a great impact and sometimes they are as important as a character. Art helps to underline the social status, the historic period of the story or can be the key to penetrate the entire meaning of the entire film. Sometimes artworks provide a kind of commentary on the main characters that reveal aspects of their personalities. They contribute to the creation of a particular atmosphere. Other times they are just a respectful tribute to great artist.

Robert Longo's "Man in the cities" in American Psycho



John Currin's "Nude in a Convex Mirror" in Nocturnal Animals



If you want to discover all the information about an artwork you spotted in a film you can visit  Paintingsinmovies.

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