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The Viltin Gallery is committed at its founding in 2008 in addition to national and international representation of contemporary art. It is one of the defining factors of the Hungarian artistic life thanks to its cross-generational artistic background. In addition to internationally acclaimed masters, he represents middle-generation artists and young, emerging talent who actively shape the Hungarian fine arts. A common feature of the activities of the artists represented by the gallery is that they select traditional genres of art as a starting point and develop their creative practices in a progressive and medially diverse way. In addition to contemporary painting endeavors, he pays close attention to the installationist tendencies in drawing and paperwork. In addition to photography and sculpture, VILTIN's profile is determined primarily by the contemporary reinterpretation of the genres of painting, drawing and installation. The gallery's primary goal is to provide its artists with a high standard of regional and broader international embeddedness in addition to a regular exhibition program, by participating in leading foreign fairs and further professional programs. Therefore, in addition to solo exhibitions by his artists, he pays attention to current trends in the form of group exhibitions. VILTIN's mission is to strengthen the role of contemporary fine arts in Hungarian cultural life and to raise awareness of Hungarian talents to the international public. Our mission is based on a stable collection of contemporary art-sensitive collectors, as well as professional partners and a wider audience interested in visual culture.

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Király street 42.
1061 Budapest


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