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Ural Vision Gallery is an international artspace with unique expositional and educational program situated in Yekaterinburg. Founded in 2009 the art gallery successfully presented itself in the art market under the brand name ART-SLOVAR (eng.: ART-VOCABULARY). All the variety of cultural projects set the tone for the contemporary Ural art preservation and its popularization in the world. The first group exposition devoted to four famous Russian artists, innovators and avangardists, determined the concept and specific format of the gallery. Vitaly Volovich, Misha Brusilovskiy, Anatoly Kalashnikov and Andrey Antonov are living legends who proved themselves to be contemporary classics and are known all over the world. There were realized personal and group exhibitions in the museum, painting workshops, expositions of gallery’s collection pieces of art as well as works of Western European engravings dated XVI-XIX centuries. The result of this activity was launching of the Ural Vision Foundation. The December 14th, 2012 became a turning point for the gallery. It brought fresh worldviews to Yekaterinburg by changing its approach in fundamental ways and showing up at the world art market by the name Ural Vision Gallery (UVG) as the gallery of contemporary art. Galaxy of established and young artists from Saint-Petersburg was presented to the public: Vitaly Pushnitskiy, Grigory Maiofis, Evgeny Yufit and others as well as artists form Eastern and Western Europe in cooperation with the gallerist Hans Knoll: Tony Cragg, Paul Horn etc. UVG also presented solo exhibitions of the following Russian artists: Olga Tobreluts, Igor Pestov, young artist Danil Arkhipenko and apart from that an exhibition of Hungarian artist Zsolt Asztalos. UVG provided a platform for the contemporary art of group projects. Valery Nibiru, Rostan Tavasiev, Ilya Gaponov and Leonid Rotar, The Blue Noses group were engaged in the exhibitions. On the 12th of September, 2014 Ural Vision Gallery presented the project “Strictness and Beauty” featuring young artists together with the New Academy established artists such as Timur Novikov, Oleg Maslov, Viktor Kuznetsov, Olga Tobreluts and Andrey Khlobystin. Eventually, the project grew into museum exhibition and on the 9th of July, 2015 the exhibition “Absolute Beauty. New Academy in Saint-Petersburg” took place in Ludwig Museum, Budapest. UVG finally put itself on the map by curating and investing in the project. On the 10th of July, 2015 the gallery established an affiliate in Budapest, Hungary, where the following exhibitions were held: “Strictness and Beauty”, Olga Tobreluts solo exposition by the name “New Methodology” (curated by Arkady Ippolitov), and the project “Absolute Beauty. Postscriptum”, which was devoted to the closing of the exhibition in Ludwig Museum. At the same time the art gallery in Yekaterinburg keeps up its work and presents the project “Big Ural” (curated by Vladimir Seleznev) which is the participant of “The Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art” parallel program. The exhibition demonstrates works by such artists as Leonid Tishkov, Rinat Voligamsi, Anfim Hanykov, Denis Ichitovkin and others. Ural Vision Gallery is directed to introduce contemporary art both locally and internationally giving it access to the global market by taking part in art markets and fairs like Art Paris Art fair (2013), Art Moscow (2013), Vienna Contemporary, Art Bologna, Art Vilnius (2014), Art Market Budapest, Cosmoscow (2016)

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Ulitsa Sheynkmana, 10
620014 Yekaterinburg
Russian Federation


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