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The Giuseppe Iannaccone Collection is a private important art collection based in Milan. On Kooness you can find a selection of works that are available for sale to realize, develop and support "IN PRATICA" projects dedicated to young emerging artists. Giuseppe Iannaccone has been stoutly supported in this mission for over seventeen years by Rischa Paterlini, who has learned and grown alongside him, becoming the perfect curator to interpret his vision as the guardian of his greatest enthusiasm: art. The Giuseppe Iannaccone Collection is therefore a storehouse of stories, a window on the world and an extraordinary record of the present. But above all, it mirrors the unstoppable drive of a collector who from the outset has been on a constant quest to find masterpieces, because as he likes to say it is better to have the true masterpiece of minor artist than a minor work by a true master. Years ago, in his law offices where part of his contemporary art collection is housed, Giuseppe Iannaccone exhibited a number of works by a young artist who at the time was almost unknown. This encounter led to such a lasting rapport that Giuseppe Iannaccone is now the only collector to own the whole series of self-portraits by that artist: Francesco Gennari. It was this wonderful experience that gave Iannaccone the idea of presenting small exhibitions on the premises of his law firm, side by side with the works of well-established artists from the international scene. Solo shows by talented young artists still unfamiliar to the general public are alternated with thematic exhibitions on the Expressionists of the 30s, to make the Giuseppe Iannaccone Collection part of an ongoing dialogue and an increasingly one-of-a-kind experience, moving past the idea of mechanically classifying and cataloguing artists and works by place and period. The collector's aim is to group together kindred forms of expression to help us gain a better understanding of them, weaving unexpected connections that offer fresh new insight.

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