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widmertheodoridis continues to pursue artistic positions from the German-speaking area, that have the potential to compete in a national and international environment. Young and established artists from the area of photography, drawing, sculpture and video present peaceful and provokative works that also receive broad attention at the fairs. The gallery was founded by Werner Widmer and Jordanis Theodoridis in Zurich in 2006 under the name WIDMER+THEODORIDIS contemporary. Until 2013 the gallery was based in a historic building at Weggengasse 3 in the very city center. The space was already then rather unusual for a contemporary gallery: the main room used to be the mediaeval bakery that gave name to Weggengasse and the project-room used to be a wonderful ‘Ehegraben’ ginnel for experimental installations. After 61 exhibitions and 14 fairs in Switzerland and abroad, the gallery decided to make a few steps forward and one step out of Zurich. The new name of the gallery is widmertheodoridis. There is a new website and there is also a new location: Eschlikon, a rural village on the countryside. A specially customized building on two levels and a former hay barn now provide ample possibilities for exhibitions, installations or experimental projects. The motivation of widmertheodoridis to show exciting and extraordinary positions far away from the urban centers takes on an unusual yet not less interesting relevance. This solitary position emphasizes on the one hand the original profile of the gallery and on the other hand it underlines the uniqueness of the represented artistic works.

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Fallackerstrasse 6
8360 Eschlikon


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