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Founded in March 2017 in Via F. Crispi 52 in Livorno, from September 2018 the Gian Marco Casini Gallery moved to the new space in Via Montebello 5. The exhibition program of the gallery focuses on historical artistic movements such as Fluxus, Visual and Concrete Poetry and italian aniconic painting of the ‘70s. In addition to this, the gallery promotes new generations of artists, like Clarissa Baldassarri, Dario Gentili and Mauro Panichella. The Gian Marco Casini Gallery also organizes art meetings, performances and video projections to engage new audiences and disseminate the contemporary art. Each exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue issued by the gallery with critical and historical writings and interviews with the artists.

Address 1


Via Montebello 5
57126 Livorno

Address 2


Piazza 185° Reg. Art. Folgore 9
57128 Livorno


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