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In a little over fifteen years of life, FerrarinArte gallery has set refined exhibitions of Accardi, Bonalumi, Perilli, Simeti, Verna, Olivieri, Biasi, Morandini. All historical masters presented before and out of fashion and market manoeuvres. Giorgio Ferrarin still shows great interest in the gallery as a laboratory, as a place where to live an experience in close contact with the artists. In its case it imports first to understand the history that fashion trends, as if in the past one could find the origin and the explanation of the new orientations or as if there existed a "collision power" in which things, times, works are confronted and made interact between of them. Thus, after many collaborations with artists and affirmed values, it turns towards emerging figures, looking for the secret comparisons between yesterday and today, the hidden correspondences between motives and hypotheses of the past and those of the present. He also began experimenting with thematic exhibitions such as "Magna Grecia", which analyzed the linguistic characteristics of well-known Sicilian artists (from Accardi to Pinelli, from Simeti to Isgrò etc.) and to organize reviews in other spaces (such as the exhibition "Gli anni della pittura analitica" at the Palace of the Grand Guard of Verona in 2016, "Pittura Analitica. Origini e continuità" at Villa Contarini and at the Rocca of Umbertide in 2017 and the recent exhibition "Improbable Identities" at the museums of S. Salvatore in Lauro in Rome). And the recent exhibition about Optical Art with Alberto Biasi, Hugo Demarco and Francisco Sobrino as protagonists.

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