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ArtNoble is a distinctive exhibition platform dedicated to the promotion of unique contemporary talents. Founded in 2018, ArtNoble aims to provide an alternative to the standard art gallery model, by organizing and curating exhibitions in site-specific locations and in it's sister gallery (The Address, Brescia). ArtNoble's mission is to push the barriers of exclusivity typically associated with the art world and artist representation, whilst aiming to crate a structured program capable of developing new forms of artistic dialogues and synergies between the emerging talents of the contemporary art world and the public. In concomitance with its sister gallery 'The Address' (Brescia, Italy) ArtNoble's research is primarily focused towards the most exciting and innovative emerging talents on the national and international art scene, with the existence of both galleries being actually an effort to shape and give themselves the reputation of creating exciting and challenging artistic dialogues all over the contemporary art world.
Matthew Noble (1993) was born and raised in Milan, Italy, in a family of collectors. At the age of 18, Matthew left Italy to pursue his studies at the University of Glasgow, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science. After university and a period working in Manchester as a horse dealer, Matthew moved to London to work in a renewable energy start-up, but during his time in London, he realised that his true calling in life was for the arts and as such, started organizing site-specific exhibition in London. After three exciting years in London, Matthew moved back to his hometown of Milan as he joined forces with Riccardo Angossini, and together set up The Address gallery (Brescia), a contemporary art gallery whose research is primarily focused in identifying and exhibiting the most interesting emerging Italian artists. Currently, Matthew spends his time between ArtNoble and The Address gallery, organizing exhibitions and events both in Milan and in Brescia.

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